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Student Services

When you visit AUBIH, there starts your first step towards achieving the American dream and the acquisition of American education. The staff that provides information on entrance examinations, the criteria for admission, or scholarship with the necessary documentation or accommodation in the city. You will successfully pass all of these procedures and become a student at AUBIH.

With the enrollment at AUBiH, you will get the document called INDEX (document of Bosnia and Herzegovina for higher education), and thus officially starts your studying at AUBIH that will allow you University experience, personal growth, development, and more clearly define life goals, create future visions and a better cultural understanding . You made the right step, because education is the best investment, the value that no one can take away from you.

During studying at the AUBiH, Student Services offers you a variety of services that combine learning and extracurricular activities. It gives you information, advice / orally, through bulletin boards, e-mail /, introduces you to the codes of AUBIH, creates programs aimed at your involvement in educational processes and improves your life skills. Our activities help you to develop and build a character that encourages you not only to believe in yourselves, but to become prominent members of the community.

  • university entrance exams
  • record and registration of students at AUBiH and partner university
  • guest lectures of renowned experts in various fields
  • practice for students in renowned companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States
  • study visits, excursions, social and cultural activities
  • sports activities (basketball, football, fitness club, gym ...)
  • students’ clubs
  • Students’ Union
  • Work and Travel Program (USA)
  • counseling for students and parents
  • Alumni Association
  • interviewing students about satisfaction with physical resources

Being a student at AUBIH means, beside academic engagement, to participate in the rich variety of extracurricular sport, social and cultural activities.

Guest lectures of renowned experts from various fields

Guest lectures are one way that uses our University to enhance knowledge at students by linking them with actual problems and successes in practice.

Our vision is to create a staff, after four-year studying, that was prepared to stand behind their ideas and practically to make them in action, thus influencing the Bosnia and Herzegovina reality, changing it for the better. Our mission is, beside education of students, to introduce the practice into classrooms, in addition to conventional methods of knowledge transfer, by using unconventional methods of knowledge transfer, such as gaining practical experience through study visits to economic and political subjects, as well as through visits and guest lectures by eminent experts to American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Practice for students in renowned companies

Through organization practice in well-known companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the U.S., we enable you to familiarize yourself with the same modes as well as gaining practical experience through activities related to your professional orientation, interests. So, as an AUBIH student, you will acquire knowledge and experience that will put you among the top potential candidates.

Student Union

The Students' Union is a democratically organized student body, that represents your interests. The Union's aim is a presentation and realization of these interests and issues of common concern in accordance with applicable regulations. Besides contribution to the improvement of study and social relationships, it develops other interests and your activities. The Students' Union operates in the interests of development and progress of the quality of studies, student welfare and development of scientific thought. Involvement in the Students’ Union gives you the opportunity to represent other students and gain leadership experience.

Sport Activities

Sports offer a multitude of recreational and sports activities through which you have the opportunity to participate in local football and basketball leagues, and sports activities within the university. In addition, AUBIH students can recreate themselves by going to the gym, fitness club, or pool.
If you are a student with strong sporting spirit, it is possible to form your own club, which will be further developed with our wholehearted support.

Students' Clubs

Membership in clubs is provided for all AUBIH students. Besides being a source of entertainment, relaxation and friendship, participation in these activities is an important contribution to the academic development of students. These activities help in gaining new friends and improves developing of different skills.

If you would like to design a web page, student newsletter, deal with various sports activities, improve their communication, leadership, organizational and other skills, AUBIH has what you need. If you can not find a club that suits you, form your own club! Department of Student Services is here to help you with advice and support in the realization of your ideas.

Work and Travel Program

Staying in the U.S.A. for several months, work / course and earn / learn the language, gain new experiences and friendships with youth from around the world, travel, learn about American culture, heritage ... is a dream that can come true ...

How? Inclusion in the Work and Travel program during the summer makes it possible.

Here's what our students said about the above mentioned program,...

"My staying in the United States brought me a lot more than I have expected, I spent three months there, great experience, the one I will always remember ... to travel, work, hang out with young people from Bosnia, Serbia, Jamaica, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan , Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA, Turkey, Israel " is something that every young person should experience.

"Besides a very valuable experience, Work and Travel program enabled me to earn money for training and to improve my English language" B.H.

Counseling for Students

You have the problem, conflict, you experienced a painful experience that is reflected in your functioning, you can not find a solution independently?.. You want to improve your interpersonal competence ... ... to improve communication,..
Come, the professional person will give you support.


Student Services

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