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Institute for Research and Development


Research and Development Department strategically guide AUBiH core activities regarding knowledge, education and product development through provision of exceptional education and training for students and relevant stakeholders in order to apply knowledge and prove excellence in research development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region for the purpose of responding to the everyday growing needs of the market.



Institute for Energy and Environment is aimed at developing technological solutions to ensure a sustainable, safe and efficient energy production, its delivery and final use. Research Institute is focused on more efficient, safer and economically advantageous use of existing energy sources. In addition, the Institute will actively participate in the development of energy technologies and the rules and regulations pertaining to renewable energy including solar, photovoltaic and biomass energy; construction of infrastructure for the use of energy and the security of its delivery; as well as in the development of technical and economic services and environmental conservation while providing the energy.


Agriculture and Food Processing Institute is engaged in detailed elaboration of processes based on engineering in order to achieve economically efficient and sustainable agriculture, as well as the development of innovative technological solutions for the industry of agriculture and food processing. The Institute is also concerned with the application of the principles of biotechnology operations in the production of high-quality energy sources and sources made from biomass. Institute`s innovations in research, teaching and continuing education aimed are at long-term progress towards achieving the maximum standards in food production, environmental protection, development of food science, business development and youth involvement at all levels of scientific-research’s development.


Institute for Diaspora studies and analyzes the question of the diaspora by offering the concrete solutions in order to enhance the cooperation which would result in improvement of relationship between the diaspora and the country of their origin. Diaspora in the region is numbering millions of people, many of whom are highly educated at prestigious universities, employees of large corporations in managerial positions or are owners of a successful business, and as such have a huge potential that is able to help Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries in the region. Institute, in addition to other activities, creates programs for young people from the diaspora to conduct summer, all year, or the entire study in BiH acquainted with their country through culture, education, science, language, sports, and become firmly established in their homeland. Institute for Diaspora offers helps diaspora with investing in BiH and the region, and with all aspects of exploration of the market, legislation and consulting when investing. In addition, the goal of the Institute is to encourage institutions in BiH and the region to serious approach to the questions of diaspora, in order to solve the problems of citizenship, property rights protection, investment protection, and double taxation.


Institute of Pharmacy is aimed at improving the quality of research, educational and production processes for the purpose of monitoring and analysis of the quality of medicines and nutrition supplements. Researchers with expertise encourage the development and modernization of production facilities for the manufacture and testing of drugs. One of the aims of the Institute is to educate young staff and achieve the compliance with the highest international standards for the pharmaceutical industry. Management system of the Institute is guided by the basic principles of health preservation and environmental protection. In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and government institutions in the region and Europe, the Institute carries out analyzes and market needs, the purpose of quality assurance and production processes of pharmaceutical products.


Defense Technologies Institute for is established primarily for the purpose of development of new technologies and modernization of existing products, as well as for the education and design of projects in the field of defense industry. DTI promotes research and development of modern systems and solutions for the defense and protection, but also finding ways to make existing technologies adopt, adapt and modify to achieve maximum capability in defense. DTI will carry out continuous assessment of existing relevant defense capabilities, linking operational needs with potential technological solutions. In addition, DTI will seek to implement applied research and development, thus influencing the rapid progress in the field of designing and producing prototypes for the defense.


Transportation and Communications Institute is engaged in research and providing concrete solutions that would enable both the safe and efficient transport and communications and business activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region as well. Institute’s experts analyze current transport and communication network in order to offer concrete solutions resulting in innovations and developments in this field. Our experts’ analyses would contribute higher efficiency of transport and communication network and should offer low-priced and safer solutions, and would offer most optimal ways of transport and communications considering interests of an economy, business community and potential investors as well as the newest standards of environment protection.


IAST is a scientific – research organizational unit of the AUBiH, with a mandate to develop scientific research and application of appropriate technologies in the further growth and development of the University. Science and technological development have the most important role of the economic growth. Within the IAST, there are established researches centers through which excellence in research and development of new ideas are conducted, in order to improve existing and create new scientific achievements. The strategic objectives in scientific- research field are implemented through several programs, such as: a program of basic, applied and development researches; support of scientific research as a function of technological, innovational, regional and the overall socio-economic development; encouragement of young people to conduct research, and programs of innovation and intellectual property protection and other programs.



SEECSC is engaged in research processes, providing services, infrastructure development and education in the field of cyber security in order to overcome the challenges and ensure the protection of cyberspace in BiH and the region. The primary goal of SEECSC is to improve the ability of Bosnia and Herzegovina and regional institutions to protect against the latest cyber security threats. SEECSC team of experts in cyber security, computer science and engineering from across the region can respond to current challenges. SEECSC has a unique approach in the education of future experts in cyber security that will help the region to protect against security threats. SEECSC offers a range of innovative educational programs for students, professionals, managers and other employees who are interested to expand their knowledge in the field of cyber security. Website:


NISC promote peace, stability and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region through education, research and development in the field of national and international security. NISC provides development of security procedures to enhance and improve the protection of the safety of countries, borders and different organizations. The procedures and projects on which NISC team works will greatly influence the improvement of strategic security of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through independent and scientific research based work, NISC promote understanding of the security challenges in context of improving peace in the region and the world.


IRED is a multidisciplinary center that follows the latest trends in international relations and economic diplomacy in order to contribute to the faster development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. IRED organizes research, conferences, seminars, and lectures that are attended by leaders and experts from the academic world as well as in practice. The goal of IRED is to enable dialogue between experts in the field, and stimulate cooperation related to international affairs, because it provides services and helps decision-makers in their work, and to ultimately encourage prosperity of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider community. One of the main tasks of IRED is to initiate and implement innovative research in the field of international relations and economic diplomacy. International economic relations and economic diplomacy are key aspects of the foreign policy of a state. Among other things, IRED offers consulting services to international organizations, government agencies, domestic and foreign companies. IRED has established a department for training where companies and individuals undergo specialized training to improve the professional skills.


Financial Engineering and Investment Management Center (FEIMC) enhances the adoption of corporate, government and investment strategies that produce value in the investment and the creation of financial structures. FEIMC is focused on activities in the industrial segment where models for the renewal and restructuring of companies, innovation, long-term plans for improvement and constant growth are used as the primary creators of the value of investments. FEIMC provides professionals in finance with the additional education, knowledge, professional development, networking and inspiration for future ventures. These include banks, private ownership, partnerships, companies, and others. Our advices and recommendations are tailored to clients' objectives, the desired return on investment, risk tolerance, time horizon and market needs.



Secure information flow and long – term stable IT systems are vital for the success of business and new projects in the private and public sector, and this is more and more applicable to each customer individually. Software Engineering Center is engaged in providing support through the creation of complex IT systems and implementation of adequate solutions for the security of information, depending on the needs of users. Researchers at the SEC are involved in the creation and development of industry standards, reliable architecture and flexible concept. SEC is dedicated to applied research, and serves as a link between science and practice: results which are obtained by fundamental research are implemented in industrial projects - from idea to realization. At the same time, the experience gained in working with clients on various projects, serves to further scientific research and academic teaching.


Strategic Research and Economic Development Center participates in a wide range of modern and objective economic and demographic studies that are of great benefit to companies, government institutions, educational institutions and industry. Extensive knowledge of national and regional economic development, combined with a disciplined and strategic approach to research, results in a high quality of work which Institute deals with, and those include: development of economic strategies; studies on the economic and fiscal impacts; market research and feasibility analysis; studies on the industry and the labor force; and making of the economic and demographic profiles. The Institute, through the development of these important economic reports and provision of information and analysis for different business entities, is working intensively on business attraction, retention, and the launch of new projects that will lead to an accelerated state and regional economic development.


CEC covers fundamental and applied research in disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. Activities of CEC are conducted by multidisciplinary teams who create new materials and services through chemical changes in the raw materials or in chemicals, and increase the quality of life. Some of examples are the nano scale composites, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fibers, metals and ceramics. Key applications include the development of alternative energy systems, biomedical materials and therapies, and strategies for reducing the environmental impact and technological advances.


Design and Multimedia Research Centre studies the greatest achievements in creative communications, with the application of knowledge and modern technologies. DC consists of a team of top experts in the field of design, animation, advertising and digital communications. Work of DC's provides comprehensive support in the areas of research, creativity and development of services and products which include: graphic design, packaging design, design of user interfaces, visual identity, branding, illustration, animation, TV and radio production, digital design, viral and all other components that make up the needs of the modern market. DC is focused on modern research and training to ensure more active and productive participation in solving encountered problems on the market in this area.

"Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing, the rest is mere sheep-herding." - Ezra Pound

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