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Center for Archaeology


Vision of the Center for Archaeology is to become significant regional think-tank leader in the field together with other Institute Centers and Faculties of American University in Bosnian and Herzegovina.


  • It’s goal is to provide cutting-edge knowledge on new anthropological, historical and archaeological discoveries all over the world;
  • Compare the ancient civilizations and advanced cultures from the past with today’s highly technological society;
  • Teach the inter-disciplinary approach: combine the classical historical, sociological, anthropological, cultural and archaeological methods with the sophisticated satellite, geophysical, geo-radar, electromagnetic, radiocarbon and archaeo-astronomical disciplines;
  • Develop student’s creativity and public awareness through independent and team work


  1. Bosnian Megalithic sites
  2. The Mayan Civilization (Messo-America)
  3. Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Asiria (Persia)
  4. Teotihuacan, Monte Alban (Mexico)
  5. Giza and other 130 pyramids in Egypt
  6. Shaanxi pyramids, First emperors (China)
  7. Yonaguni – underground megalithic structures (Japan)
  8. Tihuanaco (Bolivia)
  9. Gobekli Tepe (Turkey)
  10. Baalbeck (Lebanon)
  11. Vinca, Lepenski Vir (Serbia), Daorson (Bosnia), Asseria, Varvaria (Croatia), Meteon, Duklja (Montenegro)
  12. Phenomenon of the Bosnian Pyramids – inter-disciplinary scientific approach
  13. Stonehenge, Avebury stone circles (United Kingdom)
  14. Tumulus phenomenon (England, Bulgaria, Philippines, France, Bosnia)
  15. Pre-historical menhirs (France, Germany, England, Italy)
  16. Hypogeum temples (Malta)
  17. Machu Picchu, Kavachi & Tukume pyramids (Peru)
  18. Anasazi, Pueblo Indians (United States)
  19. Stone sphere phenomenon (Mexico, Costa Rica, Easter Island, Bosnia, Serbia, New Zealand)
  20. Stone heads of Easter Island
  21. Aborigines (Australia); anthropological genetics, age of nations in the world
  22. Pyramids of Mauritius, Canary Islands and Sicily
  23. Astronomical knowledge of Dogon tribe (Mali)
  24. Underwater archaeology (India, Cuba, Bimini, Azores, Sri Lanka, Japan)


Director of the Center for Archaeology: Anthropology Professor Sam Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. in Mayan Studies.

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