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Prospective Employees

Working at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

At American University in B&H, we create value for society and all our stakeholders by offering superior, responsive educational programs that are supported by exceptional service to students, and delivered with integrity and accountability. Success depends on fostering a culture in which our values support our student’s success in the classroom. AUBIH, in its short existence, is proud of its reputation for integrity and quality and we are determined to protect and enhance it.

American University in B&H seeks to be successful by acting fairly and honestly. We seek competitive advantage through superior performance and advanced analytical and social skills. Every employee, administrator or professor must deal fairly and in good faith with, and respect the rights of, AUBIH students, employees, professional associates, suppliers, consultants, competitors, the public and one another.

We believe that our human resources are American University’s in B&H most valuable asset. The work of our faculty and staff is central to providing the highest quality of education and service to our students. Human Resources supports American University’s employees in their service to the university. This is accomplished through our commitment to attract, retain, motivate, educate, and develop members of the university's community to their fullest potential. We do this with an emphasis on customer service based on consultation and communication with key members of the campus community. This is the cornerstone that guides human resources through their primary functions and numerous activities in support of American University’s in B&H greatest resources; its employees.

Human resources fulfills its role by working in partnership with departmental administrators and supervisors, and by developing strategies to increase organizational flexibility, to improve staff relations, and to improve the understanding of working relationships.

American University in B&H benefits from the skills and commitment of exceptional faculty and staff. We seek the best talent to create an academically distinctive, and an intensely engaged community.

We are looking for professionals with significant job experience, who want to advance in their careers and are highly qualified to teach. Main abilities that we prefer include flexibility along with professional behavior, teaching experience and good organization skills. We are creating dynamic environment, with employees driven to success.

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