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About AUBiH

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is a multi-ethnic, career-oriented university and it is the only one to act on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Classes at the AUBiH are based on the American liberal education with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, which are in line with the Bologna principles. AUBiH is based on American educational system, and curricula and rules of study are consistent with the American educational system. In accordance with the mission of the University, the goal is to provide quality university education, for students throughout the region, that follows the world trends in specialized areas of economics, public relations, technology and art.

AUBIH students have the expected ratio of 1:12 teacher-student (one teacher comes to 12 students) and a dynamic, intelligent and motivated environment. It is an environment that emphasizes critical thinking and creative problem solving in an atmosphere of diversity and tolerance.

Values that AUBiH offers to the students are:

  • U.S. system of education
  • University digitalization
  • Co-operative learning (100% Employment)
  • US, Turkey, BiH/EU Bologna Accreditation
  • US, Bosnian and International Faculty
  • 100% English speaking University
  • Internationally recognized career programs
  • Career and Professional Development Center Services
  • Case study methods of learning
  • US work and travel program
  • Distance Learning education (Live eClassroom)

About AUBiH

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